Car & Truck Memories

Others may think of your old car as just a piece of junk, but we understand that over the years, many people bond with their cars. If you and your car shared many happy times together, then you have probably forgiven it for the tough ones. So we know how hard it can be to part with your car.

Bullet holes

A great example is the red Ford pick-up in the picture above that is on the trailer behind my Dodge truck. When I first saw this pickup, I thought the rear fender was full of bullet holes, but the owner assurred me this was not the case. He had become so frustrated when the truck wouldn't start, he took a pick axe and attacked the fender until it looked like swiss cheese. I assumed he hated this truck, but when I towed it away there were tears in his eyes. He had so many fond memories of great beach parties that losing the truck was like losing a best friend.

This van had been used as someone's company delivery truck in the 70's but it wouldn't start one morning, so it just sat in his driveway for 30 years. The guy who sold it to me says it was his club house. He built a greenhouse along one side and he used to hang out with his friends and smoke. One spring there was a gigantic bee's nest so it stopped being used. Vines and bushes gradually grew over it until it was almost entirely covered. The owner said he would have kept it but the town made him get rid of it.


This woman asked me to take this picture of her to save her last moments with "El Camino". After her truck died, she had gone to a repair shop and was quoted $3500 to fix it. Even though she loved her truck, this was just too much money. So she got a brand new Ford 250 and called us to take away her beloved Ranger.

When you give us your car, we can leave you with a token rememberance.

Before we take it away, we can take a final picture of you with your car, or if you wish, you can keep the hood ornament, the rear view mirror or any other part that has sentimental value.

And if you want to touch the steering wheel one last time, we'll understand.

A car can be like a favorite pet. Sometimes they have to be put down, but that's never an easy decision.

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